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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The New Jersey Scam Fighter Goes After School Funding Issues with Gov. Christie

For those who don't know, Doug Wicks was working as a roof consultant in the early 1990's and saw the roofing scam firsthand - while trying to get prison roofs done.

Eventually, he got the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation to look into the School Roofing Scam, in their Report of 1999 put out in Sept., 2000, "Waste and Abuse in School Roofing Projects", seen here:  

Nothing has happened to stop the scam in the ten years since the report came out. 

However, WP Hickman, the second Tremco "derivative" firm, has gone bankrupt - and they have a bunch of 3-year failing school roofs - leaking badly - from shorting the asphalts between the plies - and all under "warranty".

One former WP Hickman rep told me of being told how to pull out kickbacks in the year prior to the bankruptcy (the example he was given by another employee was $40,000) from their contracts - short the asphalt.....

So Doug is now going after School Funding.

Why fund all these unecessary - and badly installed - roofs at such a huge premium?  

Let's hope Governor Christie listens to Doug! 

Here's a link to what Doug is up to - and it's good stuff! In the Star Ledger, by Paul Mulshine: "Doug Wicks weighs in on how Christie should fight the court to regain control of school funding"  
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