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  • John Fox & Clemon Williams vs. Kern High School District, Whistleblowing to the FBI Re: Garland Purchase Orders, Bakersfield, California, 2013
  • GSA vs. Tremco, Qui Tam Suit, 2013
  • Los Angeles vs. Garland, Re: Bid Collusion, Racketeering, etc., Los Angeles, California, About 1997
  • Quality Tile Roofing vs. Tremco Roofing, Re: False Fraud Charges leveled at Tremco Certified Contractor for not bidding Tremco products at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Boise, Idaho, About 1997

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

YOUR Vote in This Presidential Election Makes All the Difference

Pardon the strong language, but at this point, why is it a woman and an architect left with the only balls over this issue, save a few brave men?  I wasn't born with them;  why do I have to do this?

All right then, if you won't, I WILL.

You need to know why I have never given up - and yes, it affects you and your family, and your future.

I remember my wee German Irish Grandmother, a Piper and yes related to, in that huge farmhouse in Western Pennsylvania saying to me, with an angry twinkle and smile on her face standing above a huge sink looking out at that 5-story massive 1820's barn, "Damn Democrats!"

She was right.  Oh, how I did find out how right she was!

Listen up.

When you see this short compilation below - sans who threatened me in person (contained in a 16 page single spaced document the feds have - with one of the listed perpetrators now in a federal prison for being caught taking kickbacks and running guns to a Muslim group in the Philippines as a California State Senator and who first got dirtied on the San Francisco School Board by one of the scam roofing manufacturers.....) will see what I know and you will KNOW that it is true.

What did I discover going through years of Whistleblowing, watching as the perpetrators made payoff after payoff to stop exposures of involved fannies?

That Politicians were heavily, heavily involved.

And that it was the Democrats. 

No joking, folks, this is why the Feds believed me. It's the heart of what I discovered.

It is why I can never give up.

How did I discover that?

It was easy, so very easy.  Who threatens you and who does and does not do what says everything - and not just to myself.

Rings of them, paid off to control whole boards and councils, using taxpayer dollars against the taxpayers not just for greed, but to implement the leftist idealogues that have gotten into power.

How could you do it?  WHY?

Did you KNOW you were doing that??????

For all those in the roofing industry, architects, engineers, facilities personnel, business administrators, et. al.. involved in the massive scam since the 1930's, using kickbacks to dirty whole boards and councils, to own politicians and turn this country on its head - which is EXACTLY what you have funded with your ways------:This song is for you.

So here's the bottom line:

Either you vote for the Dems, to continue the downslide into nothingness as we are headed now, with so much corruption that has and is ultimately going to destroy us - and it's not that long off - or we vote to right the ship, stop the corruption....and play fair.

Who plays fair with us?  Hillary or Trump?  (Duh?!?!?)

It's the one with the only real balls in this race.  Do I have to say it?  Ok, I will.  Trump.

IF the Dems gain power, we are over.  Really.  Freedoms gone, the cronies running them feeding like engorged Neros who could care less about anything or anyone - including the Tremcos and Garlands they used to do it.  Ceausescu and his wife in Romania will be child's play to what will be coming.  I don't say that lightly, I have a brother now living in Europe who went behind the Iron Curtain in the 80's to help open it up - and was in Romania the fall of 1989 when the riots were going, helping behind the lines until the day the Romanian leader and his wife were executed, when they sent him and the 2,000 kids involved in helping home.

Got that, Tremco and Garland?  You think you can escape consequences, either way?

Not now.   No one has and no one will.

We are all paying for your sins, and we don't like it.

So pick your poison.  Annihilation under the tyrants who will come with the Dems....or the negotiated jail time and fines with the prosecutors under Trump. 

After all, we have to save this country- or the world is in a world of trouble.  We all know it.

Even you know it.

Will you be real men, step up to the plate, and do the right thing? Do you have the strength to do it?

Or will you continue to sell us and now the world down the river?

Tremco, Garland and whoever is playing this game - Simon Roofing? - even Johns Manville by openly private labeling Tremco products as their own Marketing Manager called from Denver to tell me - you ARE responsible for the destruction of this country.

Here is the evidence - follow this way shortened trail.....and when you get to the end - Point Three - know for sure you are the very culprits, the reason why this daughter of pilgrims, presidents, a plane company, a five-star general, and so many more....won't give up.

How dare you do this to us!

Out of greed, using corruption, you have hurt us all - even your own families' futures - and allowed the globalists now destroying Europe in our borders, no nothing....and no future.

This election will mean the destruction or revival of our country - and the future of the world.

TURN from what you have done.  Right the ship....or we all go down.

We have nowhere else left to go.

Your vote DOES count, one way or the other.

Yes, I believe we choose Satan, or choose God, one or the other in your lives and do anyway, whether you believe it or not.

Do the right thing - now is the time!

You know what Hillary did to Ambassador Stevens and the three others was murder - nothing short of it.  Now a Nuclear Physicist in Iran, exposed by her taking emails off secure servers, has been executed in Iran.

 And yet, you have funded circles and circles of Democrat politicians with your bribes.  How's it working for the US, and the World?

It's not.

Why do you want so much mayhem for even your families?

How could you vote for that?  Atheist or not - how could you?

How can you keep supporting them, whether by kickbacks, payoffs of other kinds, or voting for it?   How could you????

I will be clear: I thought it was the Republicans all on the take. It was not. I found if they were doing it, it was a one-off here and there.  

It was the lock-step voting Dems. That's how they get it done, spreading the wealth around, from illegally sole-sourced construction products and believe me, it's very very sneaky how it is done. 99% of the architects and engineers would never guess, looking at the specs, what is wrong. The Republicans, if involved, do it singularly and spectacularly. 

Got it?

That's how the left has taken over, rams their agenda through, and do not care what happens to anyone but themselves. I live in the middle of it in San Francisco with the Willie Brown machine, I KNOW.  They have destroyed my profession with expediters, and the health, safety welfare of the public in buildings ready to fall down in the next large earthquake.....and so much more in so many areas of life.

So to those who think we gave up...guess what. And I don't think the next Administration is going to punt on this one, either - if it is Trump.

That is why we need Trump in.....and not Hillary.

Point Three below is why......

Don't be afraid of Trump, be afraid of a world without Trump in power.

Point One - and yes, I am naming names, one for the first time:

It appears the scam started with TREMCO in Cleveland Ohio - and about the time Roosevelt and the left began their march on America, in the 1930's. Don't believe me? 

Witness the American Industrial Psychology's Report in 1941, where an Industrial Psychologist reported on the "darker side of sales" that caused Tremco sales reps to leave in their study, done in the late 1930's. The honest reps, that is. 

Witness the FBI "Strongly Recommending Prosecutions" of my bosses up to Vice Chancellor Level in June 1997 over Tremco Restrictive Proprietary Specifications I showed them my bosses put out for roofing at the University of California San Francisco....stopped by a friend (Robert Muller, Democrat, US Attorney General in San Francisco) of a so-called "friend" of mine - Libby Denebeim, former San Francisco School Board President on it with the now convicted and jailed former San Francisco School Board President then State Senator Leland Yee........all Democrats, stopping the scam from being exposed because SO MANY DEMOCRATS ARE INVOLVED. 

Libby took me to the Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, former 20 year State Assembly Leader to be threatened in 2002, then she did it, with my life, twice, in the spring of 2003, laughing about "EVERYBODY!!" being involved. THEY ARE. 

Even now former and imprisoned State Senator Leland Yee, because I wouldn't see her after that.....started keeping tabs on me with his brother-in-law, a different last name, until that sister told me she was Leland's sister when I explained the scam to her, and she told me to "be careful about talking about her brother, Leland's involvement"....and then HE threatened me in front of FBI Agents, watching. 

In the Dems, and Tremco and Garland Roofing Company kickbacks have unleashed the liberals and their hatred of the American public on all of us. Yes, you guys, you did this....

When you see lock-step votes, they are owned, because they were dirtied on their first forays into politics, by this very scam. I found that if the Republicans were involved, they were doing it singularly and spectacularly, not "spreading the wealth around."
Got it?????? THAT is why Trump is such a danger to the left - he will dismantle their corruption that has allowed them to destroy this country.

(Note:  Skip to Point Three for those acquainted with the roofing side of the scam - it's the most interesting, the political side of the scam)

Point Two - For those that are reading about the scam for the first time:

Here's the first TV report of the scam, it explains it and yes I helped them . The Tremco in-House Documents I gave them, from the author of the first trade magazine report on what they were doing, which came out the year I went to the FBI, in 1997. And yes, I am on the NBC Dateline Hidden camera flown out to me from New York, on this report on WLWT in Cincinnati, I shot it - of the third company involved, Hickman, started by the Marketing executive from Tremco.

The first Legislature to hold a hearing was California, when I called one of the Committees. This was the first time three of the four major roofing manufacturers came forward to talk about it - EVER. The fourth, Johns Manville, owned by Warren Buffet, openly private labels product for Tremco. You will see Don Lambrecht, a friend on this facebook page, talking, as well as the best boutique roofing manufacturer on on the West Coast, Malarkey Roofing. Jim Miner, who had owned Hester Roofing in Sacramento, figured out how to get them all to come forward: Don't mention the names of the perpetrators....

 The first story ever linking the scam nationally was on the front page, Sunday paper, Dayton Daily News, Oct. 22, 2000 - a Cincinnati, Ohio area major daily (Cox Newspapers, who also own the Atlanta Journal and Constitution) and was on the New York Times Newswire for 17 months. My case was linked with the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation under Chris Christie looking into the scam, and their report printed in Sept. 2000. And yes, I recently met Chris Christie here in San Francisco.  Here it is, it is not available online anymore:

Officials say specs were rigged to benefit roofers
BYLINE: Steve Bennish and Cathy Mong DAYTON DAILY NEWS

DATE: October 22, 2000
MEMO: Contact Steve Bennish at 225-7407 or e-mail him at

Janet Campbell says she was trying to do the taxpayers a good turn in 1997 when she took her suspicions about inflated costs in University of California-San Francisco roof replacement jobs to the FBI.

The move ultimately cost her a senior architect's job at the university, Campbell, now the plaintiff in a federal whistle-blower lawsuit, said. But a newly released investigative report in New Jersey shows the issue of price-gouging on public sector roofing contracts spreads well beyond California. The company involved in Campbell's complaint, Tremco Inc. of Beachwood, is one of two Ohio companies targeted in a New Jersey Commission of Investigation report that alleges systematic `cost-gouging, unscrupulous bidding practices, contract manipulation, questionable design, installation and inspection procedures and other abuses'' in the multi-billion-dollar roofing industry.

The report calls the abuse "national in scope," and the commission referred the findings to the U.S. Attorney and the Internal Revenue Service. Gov. Christine Todd Whitman has also asked the New Jersey attorney general and the state's inspector general to recommend safeguards as the state embarks on an $8.6 billion school construction program.

The Dayton Daily News first spotlighted public school re-roofing practices in 1996, finding that the costs of roof repair projects in area school contracts were driven up by specifications that favored a single roof supply manufacturer. Tremco specs were dropped in two roof jobs in the Dayton area after school officials had bid specifications rewritten to make the bidding more competitive.

The New Jersey report says Tremco and W.P. Hickman Systems of Solon, or individuals with company links, controlled the bidding on roof projects by writing specifications that favored the companies over other bidders and inflated construction costs.

Tremco spokesman Carl Zeitz on Friday declined comment on the Campbell lawsuit, saying the company was unaware of it. He said Tremco cooperated fully with New Jersey investigators, adding that "building owners have a right to get quality roofing and roofing service. Tremco has been in the business of doing that for 70 years.''

Hickman officials did not respond to a request for comment about the report.

As a senior architect, Campbell says she was ordered by her boss to use overly elaborate specifications for campus roofing jobs that only one roof supply company could possibly meet: Tremco, Inc. The bid specifications are known in the industry as "proprietary.''

When FBI agents visited UCSF officials, Campbell said, her bosses easily targeted her as a dissident inside source since she had already authored a critical memo. Then, she contends, they forced her into more menial work and, finally, a layoff.

Campbell, 46, alleges that UCSF intentionally thwarted state-mandated competitive bidding requirements in 10 roofing projects, saddling taxpayers with $944,000 in needless expenses.

`It's mind-boggling that in public service you are told to do something against the law and people look the other way,'' she said. `Architects can't do that if we take our licenses seriously.''

The New Jersey commission estimated overcharges of $10 million on $37.8 million spent on replacement roofs, mainly because of overpriced proprietary roofing materials such as polymer-modified tar or asphalts marketed by a single manufacturer.

`It's major,'' said New Jersey commission staffer Lee Seglem, who helped write the final report. `Taxpayers are getting hosed from one coast to another. These ripoffs have clearly repeated themselves in other states.''
The report said "unscrupulous" individuals in the roofing industry exploit taxpayers by taking advantage of "unsuspecting, technically unsophisticated school district officials."

UCSF counsel Chris Patti acknowledged university administrators favored Tremco enough to let the company "help" write roof replacement specifications, calling Tremco an "industry leader." He also acknowledged the FBI investigation, but said no charges resulted and university officials didn't suspect Campbell as the tipster.

Patti insisted the roof jobs were open to competitive bidding. Campbell disputes that by citing bid specs that either mention Tremco products by name or mandate exact lab tests for particular materials. Tremco-formulated asphalts and other materials are the only ones that can meet the test numbers, Campbell said.
"It's a restrictive performance spec, which is in essence a closed spec,'' Campbell said.

In Ohio, schools have saved money by keeping bid specs free of proprietary language. Wright State University officials told the Daily News in 1996 that it saved $146,300 by tossing out roof replacement designs written by Tremco and The Garland Co. Inc., of Cleveland. West Carrollton schools jettisoned Tremco specs and saved an estimated $150,000 on two elementary school roof replacements, according to officials there.

David Fromma, a local roofing industry estimator, last week said bid manipulation in the public sector has decreased in Ohio. `If you get competition, you will get the right price,'' he said.

The New Jersey commission detailed a dozen examples of bid manipulation linked to Tremco or Hickman. For example, between 1998 and 1999 the School District of the Chathams in Morris County spent $356,000 on high school and middle school roofs based on strict Tremco "boilerplate" company specs submitted by company sales reps. The commission said the school district could have saved between $25,000 and $60,000 by keeping specs open. Tremco also shut out competition in the Green Twp. School District, costing the district $30,000 too much on a $176,000 job, the report said.

Tremco spokesman Zeitz said in both cases school officials preferred more reliable Tremco company products.

Charlotte Gaal, the commission's attorney who headed the probe, said abuses reached a high point in the Edison Twp. Board of Education's $6.67 million, 17-roof replacement project that began in 1997.
Key players: roofing consultant Thomas M. Saltzgueber of Mount Holly N.J., a convicted felon in a 1980s-era car wreck insurance scheme; and C. Kelcy Pegler, a Hickman Systems sales rep.

The report said Saltzgueber manipulated bidding and contract specs to ensure that Hickman received millions of dollars in materials supply contracts. At the same time, the report says, Saltzgueber and companies that he and his son controlled received more than $361,000 in secret payments disguised as fees for roof inspections from Hickman from 1995 to 1998. The probe said Pegler and Saltzgueber together pocketed $764,000 in fees and commissions on the Edison jobs.

Saltzgueber was portrayed as an aggressive salesman: He took school officials and contractors on lunches and golf outings and even lost $480 in a golf wager to one school official in Egg Harbor Twp.
Roofing experts told the commission Edison spent $1.1 million more than necessary.
Pegler and Saltzgueber declined to testify before the commission. Hickman also declined.

Campbell said school officials need to hire independent architects to keep the system honest.
"I don't like the fact that taxpayers are being so badly ripped off,'' she said.

Copyright, 2000, Cox Ohio Publishing. All rights reserved.
· Illustration: PHOTO: JANET CAMPBELL alleges that University of
California at San Francisco intentionally evaded state-mandated
competitive bidding requirements in 10 roofing projects.

 The link to the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Report:

 The link to the California Bureau of State Audits Report in my case - it is Chapter 5, starting on page 31 of the report and page 36 of the actual .pdf and is only four short pages. They got to the point - damning of UCSF and the specs from Tremco I handed them, the same ones I gave the FBI - who "Strongly Recommended Prosecutions" of my bosses at UCSF over the illegally sole-sourced specs :

The link to the SF Weekly front page cover story "The Fix Is In" I and another person were in, backing up each other's story and going to the same FBI Agents, February 26, 2003, of the 600,000 person distribution newspaper, and yes, it's not just roofing, another big area is another hidden maintenance item - mechanical costs:

And here's a Facilities Manager who can no longer get a job thanks to his School Board firing him for going to the FBI regarding the sole-sourcing of Garland Roofing products (an offshoot of Tremco) - which the State Legislative Committee person told his School District personnel get him fired....but the now infuriated School Board President (Ken Mettler, former President of the California Republican Assembly) and members were duped by an involved School Superintendent that it was something else, completely untrue. Anyone got a job for John????

The GSA successfully sued Tremco. The GSA called me over the weekend before they went into Tremco's offices, from Cleveland, Ohio, and then flew out here to talk to me in the Federal Building in San Francisco. I sent them many documents roofers from all over sent me. Here's a report on that suit that the GSA won:

Point Three - The Roofing Scam and How the Dems Use It To Control the Votes:  New Jersey

For those who don't believe: Just read what happened in New Jersey Sept. 6, 2007, after just one School Board member was targeted in the Roofing Scam Sting paired with Insurance Fraud....he pointed to someone across the state who controlled another board, who pointed them to another and so on - the FBI arrested 11 Democrats, including 2 Mayors, 5 City Council Members and 4 School Board Members. CNN reported on it here:

One of those arrested in that sting? On Hillary Clinton's panel of Mayors supporting her in her first Presidential bid. He describes how it was done....and what they controlled:

Monday, November 30, 2015

The New California Law - What Got Fixed and What Didn't

So what allows the scams to continue - at least in California (and we know it applies across the country)?

 On the good side of the scam - if there is one: Lack of Knowledge, and Education. On the real side of the scam: Much worse.  

One reason for the "Much Worse" side of the scam is an involved California State Attorney General that stopped all investigations in California over the past 13 years. One of the State Attorney Generals - Bill Lockyer - is in the Roofer's Union wiht a stepfather that had a roofing contracting concern in the SF Bay Area.....did you see them investigate my claims in 1997 or since? No.  They instead tried to find out everything I knew and who all was talking to 2001. Does that sound right?

So the new law the California Legislature just passed - which I will get to in a moment - wants you to go report what you find to the involved persons stopping investigations - the State Attorney General.

Why?  They won't be doing anything.

Then you can if you wish, they say in this new law, go to the State Auditor.

From my experience?

No, you should go to the State Auditor only - and let them turn it into the Feds or the State as they wish.

The best course is to stay away from anyone elected to report activities to, they have allegiances only to their buddies, and that could be anyone.

I ought to know, after 13years of attempting to get someone to listen - they still aren't protecting whistleblowers here, it's about keeping the funding sources for politicians intact. Seriously.  

So what else is "Much Worse" in this scam?  


Yes, it's true.  

How does it work?  

The involved parties are:

1. Roofing Manufacturer's Reps, who lock down the work with Government Officials long before projects are budgeted for.

2. To get work with public entities, at least in California, architects and engineers walk into a Cesspool. Here's how it works:

a. They get the job.
b. The government contact hands over sets of specs on particular products they "have to have" (illegally) sole-sourced.
c. The architect or engineer balks.
d. Payments for work stops.
e. The firm has to start laying off people.
f. The firm has to give in.
g. The firm just prays no one goes after them for it.
h. The firm can only get more work by doing it. Otherwise, shut their doors.

That's how the Cesspool works - with Government Officials taking kickbacks from Manufacturers. And that's how most architects and engineers are "involved." Some may be taking kickbacks, the majority not.

And are those kickbacks sweet that the needy-greedy addicted Government Officials get.

 3. Either the Roofing Contractor involved "kicks back" monies to the Manufacturer's Rep, who redistributes the monies to the Government Officials, Facilities Personnel, or other decision makers.

What are some of the things we hear of?
1. A former Manufacturer's Rep admitted here in California to taking $10,000 cash, giving it to another rep to hand to the Facilities Director of a School District in the LA Area, in the form of cash, coupons, etc. for a trip the guy took.
 2. A new owner of a family roofing concern in New Jersey found checks made out to the Manufacturer's Rep  

So what did the California Legislature do?

Pass a law punishing everyone but the involved persons forcing the scam - Government Officials.

Oh, there was some good stuff in there about "equals" and how to define them - but the main part of why the scam happens was not addressed. Kickbacks to the Building "Owners" - Government Officials, Government Facilities Directors and Managers and Staff Designers, City Council Members, School Board Members.....etc. All Government Officials.

Not one of them was required to sign a statement saying they had no financial interests with the manufacturers involved in the roofs they force.

The California Legislature did do something very ineffective:
They required architects and engineers, most of them forced by those in government taking kickbacks to write the "Lock Specs" (copy them), to sign the form.

It's not enough to punish those who don't know what is going on in California by making them sign a form saying they have no financial interest in the companies they have specified....when it's the School Boards, the State Dept. of Education, Facilities Personnel, Administrators and so on forcing the specs - for no good reason.

One needs to understand what laws were changed that were working, and who is stopping investigations and why, before you can make effective laws.

Monday, June 23, 2014

When is Water NOT Water?

When is Water NOT Water?

When it happens to be in San Francisco.

This is the kind of thing that sends architects and engineers who do things right in San Francisco over the proverbial edge.



In or about 1994, a developer cut a steep hill at about a 70% slope. At the OK of a famous Soils Engineer.

 His nephew, a contractor and all of them part of the"Irish Mafia" in San Francisco, was building about 5 homes at the bottom of the hill - one of them for the San Francisco Police Chief. 

One day, the hill fell into the homes, some being lived in Including the Police Chief's....he was living there at the time!

That's right.

That nephew was the husband of a coworker, he had no work, and I got him a house job on existing foundations on a hill in Corte Madera, just north of the Golden Gate way to have that happen to him again.....

Fast Forward to 1994. A Developer ramrodded his development of three huge homes into the same hill, one quarter the way around the hill, cutting deep into the hillside with a retaining wall.

See the photo above for that development.

Trouble is, he didn't waterproof it. The video below is the result.

It was shown in public meetings in the late 1990's and the local newspapers carried photos of some of the video...

See the water coming out???? In numerous places????

You can actually hear it pouring out!!!!

The Building Inspectors, when confronted by angry neighbors across the street....said that "that wasn't water."

Oh, yes.......

And so did the Planning Commission....

So what was it, pray tell???? 

Juice?  Gas?  Hot Springs - but that would be water too!  

Come on guys, water is water!

It's amazing to watch this! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Exporting Our Scam of the School Dollar to the United Kingdom

Oh yes, we have done that too, now, by not stopping the scams at home.

Not only did we infect our neighbors to the north and south with this trash, now we have proudly by one company's account infected the United Kingdom with it.

Wonder what they'll do when they realize what they have on their hands over the pond, that "Wonder Roofing Men" don't exist.  Sort of like Superman and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy........

And wonder how that will make us all look.  Scamming our "friends".  

A little birdy in the Northeast called to tell me that the leading Superman-in-Chief of the (Garland) Scammers, Salesman Mr. "Panty-coast" as he calls him, no kidding - will be going to the United Kingdom to teach them all how to be Supermen, too.

You are not Supermen or Superman.  And neither are your "Wonder Warranties" on your privately-labeled products that their own makers won't warranty the same.

I guess Superman never saw this article.  Or knows what the consequences of such can be.

Take a lesson from Hewlett Packard.

"HP pays $108 million to settle foreign bribery probes

WARSAW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard agreed to pay $108 million to resolve wide-ranging U.S. government investigations into whether some of its foreign units bribed government officials to obtain lucrative contracts, U.S. officials said on Wednesday."......

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Former San Francisco School Board President arrested on Bribery and Corruption Charges - now a State Senator, running for Secretary of State in California

Rush Limbaugh noted the news of California State Senator Leland Yee's arrest today....which is quite something!  Also Michael Savage.....

State Senator Leland Yee is a former San Francisco School Board Member.....

He is also one of two former San Francisco School Board Presidents from the 1990's that threatened me - showed extreme anger at me for about an hour, with no witnesses - in the Fall of 2012.  While "working for his daughter" fighting a neighbor wanting to put up a block to their sun at the house she lived in (which he owns).

He was the one instrumental in stopping Legislation in the hearings we got done over the Roofing Scam in Schools in California - in the June 2010 hearings and beyond.  Leland Yee has been Governor Jerry Brown's "water boy" with the Legislature regarding what legislation gets passed or not.
Garland spent over a million dollars lobbying against the bills - and with the help of key legislators and the California Council of the American Institute of Architects

The FBI arrested him this morning, March 26, 2014 at his home in the Sunset District of San Francisco - along with a number of others in the San Francisco Bay area in a multi-year investigation.

More details are here:
        State Senator Leland Yee - former San Francisco School Board President
Roofing SF School District primarily used?

 The FBI raiding the at the San Francisco Chinatown office of the Ghee Kung Tong Free Masons

March 26 2014

And yes the IRS Criminal Division is involved 

Yee was released on half a million dollars bail today

"A 137-page criminal complaint charges a total of 26 people -- including Yee and Chow -- with a panoply of crimes, including firearms trafficking, money laundering, murder-for-hire, drug distribution, trafficking in contraband cigarettes, and honest services fraud.

Yee is charged with conspiracy to traffic in firearms without a license and to illegally import firearms, as well as six counts of scheming to defraud citizens of honest services. Each corruption count is punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000, while the gun-trafficking count is punishable by up to five years and $250,000.

The charges are particularly shocking given that Yee has been among the state Seante's most outspoken advocates both of gun control and of good-government initiatives."

We  believe Garland used State Senator Leland Yee to stop Legislation stopping the scam in the state during the hearings in 2010 to 2012

Yee was the go-between from the Legislature to Governor Jerry Brown and worked directly for the Governor on Legislation the Governor wanted done

The other former school board president in San Francisco who threatened me, on the board with Leland?  

She passed away this past November, at 83. 

The latter is the one that threatened my life in 2003 after admitting "Everybody does it!!!" with regards to kickbacks and what she told a Grand Jury in San Francisco when asked about kickbacks in their investigation about her former thieving  Facilities Director, Tim Tronson, who had been caught stealing millions  

The latter is also the one that had taken me to see Mayor Willie Brown, who threatened me in person in 2002.

The threats came for reporting kickbacks for illegally sole-sourcing roofing products at the University of California, San Francisco, in the 800-man on the take Facilities Department, where I was the Senior Architect.

That's right.

From three California Politicians, one a Mayor and two former School Board Presidents in San Francisco....and one now caught.
They were guilty as sin, and were telling me they were by threatening me - and who all was involved - politicians, Democrats, liberals in both parties, at the lowest levels - votes bought and controlled by using kickbacks from product manufacturers for illegal sole-sourcing.

Don't think for one second those who needed to know didn't hear about it.   

NOW do you see why I haven't stopped?

I couldn't say this as clearly as I could today, upon these arrests.  Finally.

It took 17 years. 

Garland and Tremco:  You have brought about the destruction of this nation with your corruption, and we won't long forget it.

To the salesmen involved:  You can come out of it - first one in the door to talk gets immunity.  Get your lawyer and go in to your local FBI.  State personnel tend to be bought off or involved.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Scammers Won't Give Up and Do the Right Thing

Garland Product Sales listed on this chart are approximately $131,176,000 for the first 11 months of 2011  (see the "Pts." column and multiply by $1,000).

Garland Reps made 25% of those sales in commissions.

That's $32.794 million - about $33 million -  in commissions in 2011.

Most of Garland sales are in public work.....

Double the product sales for construction by various entities, including Garlands' own construction firm, and conservatively you would have about $262 million - or say at least a QUARTER OF A BILLION dollars - was lost in taxpayer funds in the roofing scam in the US  alone in 2011.

And that's just Garland, not including Tremco and any other roofing "manufacturer" pulling the same stunts!

We know this scam is operating in Canada, the UK and possibly  beyond ??? as well now.

Can we afford this???

Check the yearly sales figures on and look up the various manufacturers.  The latest range of sales for Garland they list are $50 to $100 million in revenues.

We all have always wondered why scam manufacturers and their reps won't give up destroying all of us through massively overspent bond monies we have to pay back.

In fact, it has sent this country into a downward spiral.

So what is it?


As long as the Government keeps allowing it to only gets worse.  

Because they keep getting away with the point they are making videos now oh-ha-ha-ha "debunking" the indefensible.  

Even Garland's highest paid rep in the country - who is in New Jersey - made one of those videos.

Little wonder why.

Here's the proof.

What Garland Reps all over the US were paid in Commissions in the first 11 months of 2011:

Enlarge it on Legal or Ledger Size Paper when you print it out - the numbers are to what schools and kids and teachers and the taxpayers are wonder we have saddled college kids with such heavy debt.

So how to read it?

Multiply the  numbers under "PTS" - Points - Column by $1,000 - to get how much in Sales that rep made in the first 11 months of 2011.

That's right.

They make 25% on that tells you how much the PUBLIC is being hit up for.....

The highest paid Garland Sales Rep, Bill Pancoast, made $5,495,000 in sales the first 11 months of 2011.

That means his commissions were about $1.4 million or more in that same time period.

Many others made over $1 million in sales the same time period.

Tremco Sales Reps do the same.

Question:  Why do Garland Reps complain so bitterly about getting so little of their commissions?  

We know why.

Johns-Manville Sales Reps, et. al.:  How do you like your company openly private-labeling or allowing its products to outright be used under Garland's "top cap sheet" - charging 6 times for the same material you sell - while you aren't allowed to compete with them - and struggle to make $60,000 per year?

The Teacher's Union:  How do you like your teachers who haven't been laid off or made to take on many more students per class still paying for classroom supplies out of meager salaries?

Taxpayer Organizations:  How do you like the taxpayer being overly sold on products and installations not needed at ridiculous prices?

Bond Financiers must LOVE these practices, lining their fleecing pockets with more, more more enslavement of the public.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Qui Tam Case Against Tremco, Inc. Alleged Defects In BURmastic Roofing Systems

Apparently, one of the charges in the Qui Tam case against Tremco that has just been won is that there are defects in the BURmastic roofing systems. 

The article is located here:

It reminds me of the Quality Tile Roofing case in Boise, Idaho during the mid to late 1990's, where the owner, a Western Roofing Contractor's Association President, was accused by Tremco of mixing polymers into their product and diluting it.  

Turned out that the Tremco sales scheme of selling wayyyyyyy too much product of what they "think" would be on the job backfired.

He had about 1,000 unopened cartons of their SBS modified product left on his yard - because they wouldn't take back all that way oversold product.

He sent 10 unopened cartons of the Tremco materials to Dick Baxter at CRS Monroe in Monroe, NC, who tested it.

Sure enough, the material was bad alright.  And it came from their plant, where the only high-speed Austrian-made mixers were available to mix the product.

He proved that Tremco knowingly sold him bad product, and then when he got disgusted and stopped playing the "round robin" of contractors to get their jobs, and bid a Malarkey product - at way less - they went to the US Attorney General's Offices and asked to have him criminally charged for making the product bad.

That's right.  Tremco tried to have him charged with mixing bad product on two roofs at Mountain Home Air Force Base, only one of which he had done...... with products they knew were bad and sold him.

By the way, not only was the cost way less to use the Malarkey materials, Malarkey had a REAL warranty, not that cooked-up massively expensive "Maintenance Agreement" Tremco, Garland and Hickman used......and still use with the two left.

It also reminds me of the San Francisco Bay Area roofing contractor estimator, a former Tremco Field Inspector and a roofing rep all reporting the same thing to me:  the practice of Tremco Sales reps to force "shorting" of the material between the plies, to ensure that the roofs would get done way, way way too soon.  Around here, about years 6-8 we would see the roofs redone at enormous prices......  

Incredible amounts of Churning going on.  Fraud, in fact.

The classic example?

IBM facilities managers, enamored somehow, used Tremco materials over their SIlicone Valley plant, so I heard from a very reliable roofing rep.  He got a call one day, from them, frantic.

Seems that the roofs were shorted of the asphalt materials, dried out and were leaking.  

Only in this case, the roof was over a Clean Room for chip-making - and water had gotten in.  

They had called the Tremco rep, who had it "fixed" - and had to replace the Clean Room and throw out all the chips.

It leaked again.  And that's when they called the roofing rep I know - and many of you know him too.  Another Clean Room destroyed and many more chips.

Total loss I heard was around $160 million.

He got to the site, the Tremco rep arrived, and the Facilities Manager threw the Tremco rep off the site.  My friend got it fixed - with another system.

But look at how much IBM lost in the deal.

Hickman did the same thing in New Jersey shortly before they went under, paying about $40,000 out in kickbacks on about $300,000 jobs, taking the money out of the SBS modified materials to be put down and effectively shorting the materials between the plies.  A former Hickman rep in that area told me this - I don't make these things up.

In Hickman's case, the roofs were already leaking by year one - and frantic former Hickman guys called me to see what they could do about their warranties - so-called.  I heard later all of a sudden any number of their school roofs in New Jersey got redone right away - with "Green Roofs".  Which previously were done by Hickman.  Unnhhh-hunnnhhhh......right........"green" roofs.......all on schools.......

So the BURmastic systems have had their problems .... all to further sales..........

Me oh's finally coming out.......but look at how long it took.  

Wonder how many of all the scammers' roofs are done in the same manner?

You have to know - I hear way lots more than I put up on here....unbelievable but true things going on in the roofing world.   Now you know why I keep hammering away......

The guys doing it right need not be ashamed and need to be bold in going after work - we all need good competition from folks doing it right!