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  • John Fox & Clemon Williams vs. Kern High School District, Whistleblowing to the FBI Re: Garland Purchase Orders, Bakersfield, California, 2013
  • GSA vs. Tremco, Qui Tam Suit, 2013
  • Los Angeles vs. Garland, Re: Bid Collusion, Racketeering, etc., Los Angeles, California, About 1997
  • Quality Tile Roofing vs. Tremco Roofing, Re: False Fraud Charges leveled at Tremco Certified Contractor for not bidding Tremco products at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Boise, Idaho, About 1997

Monday, January 3, 2011

OK, OK, Tremco, we know it's not just you all and Garland.....

Don't you worry your pretty little heads now - we "got it" , Tremco.

You're upset that Simon Roofing is taking Hickman's place in the "big 3" of the scammers. I saw know what I am talking about. I got your message.

We've been aware of them since Day One. Really!

So why don't you send some of your emissaries to tell me about the specs they see coming from them? I'll put them up, too, fair IS fair, after all! Everybody else does it, for crying out loud! (Alright, you ex-Hickman guys laughing.....) So the rest of you - Ya'll all laughing now out there now?

Just look at the next few posts....there will be more of the same fraudulent specs from other players....put succintly, and if you need to take anyone to task - there's the formula!

It's simple, really. It's fraud.

There is something the Legislative Aides involved in the hearing that was held June 30th at the California State Capitol told me this Fall should frost those of us that truly love this country: A South African delegation was observing their work, and of course their information on the roofing scam, and told the aides, "Why would we want to be like you, a democracy, when you are so corrupt?" 

That's your legacy, Tremco and Garland. And those playing copycat. 

How many of us like looking like the scammers - all of us painted with their stripes?

However, 2010 was a banner year, in many ways. Some of you know that I went to the FBI with illegally-written roofing specs in January 1997, after the head of all of the Building Managers at the University of California, San Francisco told me (a Senior Architect on staff) that they were taking "payola" and that was why I was not being allowed to do normal competitive bid specs.

It has taken 14 years to the month now, and still the California Legislature cannot pass a law that holds government officials and educators/administrators to a felony for taking kickbacks in all kinds of roofing projects. Nor have they stopped the scams - which you will see in the next few posts.

Many other states and now entities in other countries are very interested in what is going on....and one contacted me in December. Their staff accurately "smelled a rat" with illegally sole-sourced specs in public work. This state ordered the architect to start over, told those putting out the specs in the public agency the same....and within 2 and a half weeks, have quietly shut down the scam in their whole state.

That's right.

California's taxpayers have been losing since notified - for 14 years.

The other state, a win for their taxpayers since they discovered the scam - in 2 and 1/2 weeks, start to finish.

You can do it too, folks here in California and other states battling budget woes!