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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Florida Blog on the Roofing Scam - by a Roofing Contractor!

Well, well, well!  

Are we having fun yet????  

Now we have a fifth blog going after the School Roofing Scam! And the second, in Florida.

I want to introduce you all to Robert R. "Ron" Solomon, a recently retired (after 37 years) State Certified Roofing Contractor, and Licensed Consultant in Florida - and his avid, rabid, just kidding! Ron is paralyzed by a hemorrhagic stroke - but you would never know incredible writer, he has found a mission...and he's doing it very, very well! We have been in touch for some time, and his writing is delightful. You will enjoy reading his posts - and he deals with all kinds of issues surrounding roofing, not just the scam - but he's definitely informing many people of it.

These are the kind of Americans America needs! Enjoy reading Ron - for all the roofing contractors out there feeling stuck by having to do these roofs when they don't want to....and for all the manufacturers who thought a roofing contractor would never speak up like this! Ron speaks on behalf of taxpayers, and approaches all topics based upon scientific principle, and public record, never offering "opinion".

We now have a number of people going after the issue across the country, openly....and it's very, very good for all! Ron joining the party is great - he will be the Life of the Party - trust me!  

Here's his blog: Florida Roofing Resource Web at:  

And here's his latest letter to me - reprinted with his permission - you'll get the drift of just how funny and determined this guy is - a real delight!
" Janet: Forgive me, but what an ass kicking middle name: Coral. I just asked Christy for a divorce, and can you pick me up at the Greyhound station there in San Francisco? Janet, you know I'm the perpetual teenager, and really love to enjoy freedom of expression. I refuse to grow up. Sadly, I can't seem to stay awake 24 hours each day to pursue the savages in the roofing industry alone, as I find lying, cheating, and stealing running rampant at every turn. By now, I think you know I've worn out 7 sets of brass knuckles (and have eaten a few) on proprietary setups. When I first started researching legal actions in roofing, I ran across your blog and flipped out. You were living out the character I wanted to be. You and I share the common trait of passion for what's right. Like I said before, I would be right there at the courthouse with you. I will link your blog tomorrow as a badge of courage. I have drawn energy from your effort, when I couldn't possibly generate one molecule on my own. You know how exhaustive our work is, but we have to stay vigilant, and expose these thieves for what they are. You're my absolute favorite, number one, hillbilly pal. Ron "The Hit Man" Solomon [P.S. I told him to stay with his wife....I am too ass-kicking as it is!...Comes from the super smart and determined West Virginia side of the family - once you mess with one of them, heaven help you!  I also told Ron where the name Coral came from - an Italian great aunt.....but  it's also the most poisonous snake on the North American Continent......]