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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garland PO's in California's Largest High School District in the News

Kern High School District's has had Managers involving the District in the Purchasing side of the "scam" - and now their local press in Bakersfield has caught on.

What were they doing?

Managers allowed purchase orders from 2002 on to one manufacturer, using broken-up installation contracts solely to another company.

What prompted the newspaper report yesterday?

Three managers protesting the activities were fired late last October, after detailing to authorities the alleged corruption. 

They have now filed whistleblowing charges, for being fired for going to the FBI.

The first newspaper report is at:

Three weeks prior to their firing, one of the managers named by these gentlemen as being involved in allowing Garland products wrote to me off this blog, and denied the allegations. 

The only way he could have gotten the information that he had been so named was a leak from the California Legislative Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review. 

The post from last year detailing the years of $200,000 a year purchase orders to Garland from Kern High School District are at:

And you may ask:
Is this kind of "Purchasing" of fire-rated roofing products in schools an aberration, or are there more such problems in California?

So far, we hear of $500,000 Purchase Orders to one of the known companies involved, in Burlingame, CA, right across the freeway from the San Francisco Airport.....

More to come, will post here.