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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

California: Hell-Bent on Suicide

Congratulations to yet another Committee at the State of California Legislature.

You have now committed suicide for Californians with regards to public construction dollars, the state's rating, future and overall health, safety and welfare of the public.

Or maybe you are so unqualified to understand that it completely escaped your minds.....

What school of economics did you go to?  Or has the spicket of public works dollars feathering private nests gone on so long you have absolutely no conscience left?

For those who don't know, witnesses described what happened when AB 1342 tried to go through the "Budget and Finance" Committee.  The Chairperson came into the meeting, declaring they weren't going to vote for the national standard for competitive bidding practices, and the meeting became a total joke.

How much did that cost you, Garland?
You really have lost your minds, California.  This is below dumb and/or ignorant - it's truly, truly stupid - and makes you look it to thousands in the roofing industry and associated professions that "get it". 

Congratulations on sealing the deal of becoming a third-world country.

You can see the history of the bill here: