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Monday, August 2, 2010

Garland Warranty

A Roof Warranty should not require repairs to keep up that Warranty.

 But here we are - Garland does. And so does Tremco. 

Tremco executives left and formed Garland from an old flooring company, using the same tactics. See the next post....about the Tremco Warranty Don't be fooled.

See the actual Garland warranty from a 2001 document reprinted here below this text. See also the MRCA Article on the Garland "30-year warranty" reprinted below. You can also see it at: _________________________________

Note in the next to the last paragraph of the second page of the Garland Warranty shown below the following "verbage" for the "30-year warranty":

"Inspection Requirements
Owner must request in writing an inspection of the roof at any time between the sixth and tenth month of each fifth-year starting with year 15 (15, 20, 25) of this warranty's duration. Upon receipt of such request, Garland will provide an inspection of the roofing system by a Garland representative to determine whether any repairs are required to make the system eligible for the continuation of this warranty, submitting a detailed inspection report to owner outlining the nature and extent of such required repairs such as repairs to physical damage, debris removal, drainage clearance, pitch box, coping metal edge and reglet seals and flashing reflectivity."

Did you get that? 

 It's not a warranty past 15 years if you don't pay for the expense of any "repairs" the manufacturer determines need to be done.

With the use of non-involved third-party Roof consultants from the RCI, you have a much better chance of getting only needed repairs done at any point, and with a real warranty, you don't have to repair to continue the warranty.

 And certainly not in the tens of thousands every 5 Garland does. IF the facility "remembers" to pay that payment.....on time. It's a tricky set of requirements.....

The Garland "Warranty" The Midwest Roofing Contractor's Association Article First article to expose the Garland "Warranty" as nothing more than a highly-priced every 5-year "Maintenance Agreement" from the Midwest Roofer in the 1990's: