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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Architect Reverses Course - and makes a Roofing Spec Competitive

Finally!!! The word must be getting out!!!!

Now let's see if the California Legislature stops listening to the bamboozling of the lobbies hard at work for Garland - we hear - right now....blubbering as we speak up at the California State Capitol in Sacramento about having a 30-year "Warranty" - which we all know they don't have.....  

So who has caught on?

Perkins & Will - a worldwide architecture and engineering firm out of Chicago. As some of you know, they do a lot of large projects.

This time, they had put out bid specs on a school job....San Jose State University Student Union - Expansion & Renovation, Project 201 - and have reversed the sole-sourced roofing spec to make it competitive - in Addendum 01.  

Who was sole-sourced?

 Tremco - their "Tri Polymer Alloy Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing" Materials  

Who is being listed in the Specifications now?

 Four competitive products - using the nationwide standard spec language of listing at least three products and the term "or equal". [That standard spec language for every other state and federal work is no longer required by California's Public Contract Code No. 3400, which only requires one manufacturer to be listed, and the term "or equal" is not mentioned.]

1. Carlisle-Syntec Incorporated's "Sure-Weld TPO"

2. Firestone Building Products Company's "Ultraply TPO"

3. GAF Materials Corporation's "EverGuard TPO"

4. GenFlex Roofing Systems' "GenFlex TPO HY"

5. Or Equal.

Have actual tests to meet been submitted in a shortened product properties listing?

Yes, it appears so.

Are the properties to be met overly constrictive?

It appears not to be.

 Is the "Or Equal" language consistent throughout the Addendum?

 It appears so.

We will only know if a truly competitive bid and award is achieved.

And is there a real warranty specified?

It appears so.

For those in the roofing industry - you be the judge!

From what I can tell, it appears the specification as changed in Addendum 01 is a competitive bid spec.  

And if so, good going, Perkins & Will!  

Great Job!!!

Here are the revised specs (appropriate portion):