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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Author of the MRCA Articles - Exposing the Garland so-called "Warranty" - Speaks

To those in the roofing industry, the Midwest Roofing Contractor's Association (MRCA) has for years set the standards for roofing products - by testing them. 

They have also led the way in exposing roofing scams, and giving architects good information about products that help them specify and detail roofs correctly - all for the public's good. 

 L. B. "Huck" Morris was the head of the Technical Research Committee at the MRCA and helped to have many tests performed on roofing products. 

He then began exposing some of the more aggredious, major scams targeting schools in a series of articles printed in the Midwest Roofer, the magazine of the MRCA, in the last half of the 1990's. 

One of the articles Huck wrote and published is a classic. He exposed Garland's so-called "Warranty" as nothing more than a 5-year renewable "Maintenance Agreement", predicated on huge fees being paid every 5 years to continue that "Warranty". 

 You the article below his statement - and then the copy of the Garland "Warranty". 

It's a major, major point the San Francisco Chronicle "missed" - by denigrating others to use as an excuse not to investigate. 

Are they going to now denigrate Mr. Morris - who did the largest roofs in the world recently, the 25-acre Sprint Campus with the company he owned in Kansas City, Sellers & Marquis?


From L. B. "Huck" Morris, July 26, 2010: 

'Janet, I received a copy of that article [The San Francisco Chronicle article July 23, 2010 excusing the use of overpriced products in two school districts] and had many of the same thoughts as you have provided herein. Especially about that simple minded, ridiculous Garland "Warranty" for one of the Bozo Administrators to use as a defense for his lazy incompetence (or worse). First they totally screw the client w/the outrageous overpricing of their materials, then comes the "warranty" which gives Garland a license to grossly overcharge on repair work and cover up bad specs! All at the expense of the School Districts!' ______________________________________________ 

The Article printed in the Midwest Roofer, 1997, authored by L.B. "Huck" Morris:


  A Copy of the "Garland Warranty": ___________________________________________