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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Garland Named by Tea Party Activist at Televised School Board Hearing - in the largest California High School District

Bill Lind, the head of the local Tea Party in Bakersfield, California has named Garland in a televised School Board Hearing last night as being involved with their local high school district's personnel in corruption - and the school board covering up - for over 10 years.

To their faces.

The Kern High School District is the largest in California, with 18 high schools and other schools.

The Garland Roofing Purchase Orders in the amount of $200,000 per year with broken-up roofing construction contracts in the tens of thousands at a time going to Commercial Roofing - all of them - for over 10 years was the focus of Bill Linds' remarks.

A previous post on this blog from July, 2010 details those broken-up contracts.

Bill Lind showed a report from a staff accountant, John Cronen, detailing the Garland purchase orders.

New Story on air - naming Garland:

New Story in print - naming Garland:

Original Story on Air:

UPDATE, Tuesday, June 25, 2013:

A protest was held this date outside of the Kern High School District by the NAACP.  The televised version is here: