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  • John Fox & Clemon Williams vs. Kern High School District, Whistleblowing to the FBI Re: Garland Purchase Orders, Bakersfield, California, 2013
  • GSA vs. Tremco, Qui Tam Suit, 2013
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Psychological Effect of Dealing with Fraud, Bid-Rigging, Collusion, Bribery and Corruption

Those who commit the crimes we have detailed in this blog either have no conscience or have "lost it" -  and are completely dead to the world.

There could be no other way one could continue to be involved in these horrific crimes.

I have good reason for saying it.  I have witnessed or heard about:

  • An American Psychological Association magazine article published in 1941 by an Industrial Psychologist, noting that Tremco's drop-out rate amongst salespersons was affected by the "darker side of sales"
  • A school facilities manager was apparently and brazenly attacked by one of the involved manufacturers when he allowed a substitution, in a midwest school district.  They asked the District Attorney to prosecute him, while denying what their own in-house memos showed:  that the test the school manager allowed the substitution under was considered an equal by the manufacturer.
  • A leading roofing contractor in the West was attacked by the same manufacturer for daring to bid another product - and had to waste huge dollars and time defending himself.  
  • Multiple threats and harassment were received by myself (and others) when I reported the activities to the FBI- who "strongly recommended prosecutions of the bosses".   They included death threats by phone (unknown) and in person (those from a former School Board President), daily calls hang on hang up we believe from the manufacturer involved, threats from politicians (2 now, one a Mayor of San Francisco/former 20-year California Assembly Leader, and the other a former School Board President and State Senator - in person), not to mention my colleague that killed herself over getting run out in the most horrible way, for standing up to the criminal activities at UCSF.

All of these criminal activities have a terrible affect on families and extended families and friends.

Yet not ONE law enforcement agency is doing anything about it.

It literally ripples throughout whole families.  In my case, it has affected hundreds of family and friends.

It's so very evil, what has been done, all of these normal-acting manufacturers but actually criminals make Aleister Crowley and Hitler appear saintly.   

I am quoting California Supreme Court Justices' characterizations that these were "criminal acts" - repeatedly yelling such at the defendant in my whistleblowing case - the University of California San Francisco.

But the worst of all is what has happened to Gerard Beloin in Goffstown, New Hampshire - and his School Board President.

A roofing contractor and manufacturer, he told his School Board President about the scam.  The young man got very interested, pursued it, was murdered, then the perpetrators started going after the roofing contractor, Gerard, with terrible threats, describing in detail how they killed the young family man.

Gerard caught it all on tape.

And now they have hounded him through courts, 17 times - and gotten him thrown in jail for carrying a gun into a courthouse that he didn't know he had in his briefcase.  He got out on parole, and then jailed again for having a gun - because those involved in the criminal activities stood on a ridge above and watched him for hours as he worked on his (large) family's Christmas Tree farm this past December.  When the family members were gone, at night, the criminals would go to his house and bang on his bedroom door at all times of the night.  He had no protection - and no one is helping him.

Not even one of the good manufacturers.  Or any District Attorney.

Which begs the question:  Is EVERYONE in New Hampshire dirty? 

Just as I was told "Everyone is involved!!!" -  by prominent and angry politicians here in California....afraid of exposure and losing their funding mechanism to control boards and councils......"spreading the wealth" around.........

Gerard is one of those fiercely independent guys, who believes right is right and wrong is wrong.  He and his family has been absolutely destroyed by these horrible criminals, his daughter's life particularly.  In his case, he was standing up to Garland.

He was also a really good roofer and roofing manufacturer, giving great value for the dollar.

People who give and take bribes have the right to lose their consciences in the pursuit of greed.

But they have absolutely no right to have any affect on the rest of us.

They are, simply put, horrific - we need to remove all these criminals out of society - from the top down.

Permanently - put on an island far from our shores, with the key to their cells thrown away.

You can read about Gerard Beloin in Chapter 3 of a new book put out by a prominent national reporter - here:
Prosecutors Gone Wild: The Inside Story of the Trial of Chuck Panici, John Gliottoni, and Louise Marshall    -    by Michael Volpe

What has happened to Gerard can only be the result of one thing:  a MOB of manufacturers, construction management companies, school superintendents, business and facilities directors and managers, architects and engineers, bond financiers, insurance agents, and worst of all - politicians and school boards.

No persons should ever be paying the price of freedom and their rights destroyed for doing the right thing.  It's precisely what is happening over and over again, throughout society, with the bared teeth of these and other criminal monopolies in place.  With the help of politicians and bureaucrats - some of whom are at the helm of the activities, assisting their family members in massive monopolistic we see here in California.

We have too many criminals in the system, masquerading as legitimate businesses, who are in the process of destroying our country.

Gerard is a symbol of the terrible affect of these evil deeds - done in the name of massive profits and total greed. 

Garland, what you have done with your criminal, selfish and vicious acts are being published for history - and we hope much more will come soon.  Your brethren manufacturers who we all know are involved in these crimes have similar fates ahead of them.

You forgot one thing:  the basic law of physics - in order to keep the universe from flying apart, to every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

I wouldn't want to be any of you as time marches on.