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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long Beach Unified School District Paying Out the Nose for Roofing

Long Beach Unified School District in Long Beach, California is paying over $1,000 a square for roofing materials alone from Garland, in a series of 19 Purchase Orders going on now, and on only one High School.

The totals?
  • $3,567,002.90 in roofing materials
  • 3,451 squares of roofing
  • $1,033.61 per square for the materials alone.  Double that for labor.
The Sales Commissions, at 25%?      $891,750.73

That's about $2,000 per square when all is said and done - anywhere from 4-10 times normal installed prices.

Here's what Long Beach USD should have been charged in their market had they competitively bid the roofs - for materials and labor :

10-year Warranted Roof:       $ 150 per square

15-Year Warranted Roof:      $ 225-$300 per square

30-Year Warranted Roof:      $ 450 per square

What Purchase Order System did Long Beach USD use?

U.S. Communities.

To quote the Long Beach USD Purchase Orders:
"The following materials shall be purchased from the US Communities Schedule Reference Sealed Bid # 09-5408 issued by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners."

Cobb County is in Northwest Atlanta, not far from Garland's supplier of Metal Roofing materials, IMETCO, in Tucker, Georgia - Northeast Atlanta. 

Garland, you are getting non-licensed, political boards to illegally specify fire-rated roofing products over the heads of our children, with no thought as to their safety, all the while pricing the products at enormous, bloated overruns, gouging where it hurts. 

How many teachers have lost their jobs due to "lack of funds", while Rome is burning at your hands, so to speak?

I think we all know why you do it, and how, too.  Just look at the sales commissions at 25% of this 3.5 million dollar sale.

What so-called "qualifications" were used in that "bid" with the Cobb County Board of Commissioners?  More of the infamously "funny" test listings, perhaps?

See the list of Purchase Orders here: