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  • John Fox & Clemon Williams vs. Kern High School District, Whistleblowing to the FBI Re: Garland Purchase Orders, Bakersfield, California, 2013
  • GSA vs. Tremco, Qui Tam Suit, 2013
  • Los Angeles vs. Garland, Re: Bid Collusion, Racketeering, etc., Los Angeles, California, About 1997
  • Quality Tile Roofing vs. Tremco Roofing, Re: False Fraud Charges leveled at Tremco Certified Contractor for not bidding Tremco products at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Boise, Idaho, About 1997

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Justice Begins: And it starts in Bakersfield.....another Whistleblowing Lawsuit for being fired for reporting the scam to the FBI

Who ever knew that to expose the massive scam going on in schools in it would take two very brave men, John Fox, a 25-year manager and Clem Williams, a 30-year on the job manager, both in the Maintenance and Operations Division of a California Central Valley School District - the largest in California - to stand up and do the right thing?

Simply put, to California Legislators ducking and running, or who should be (especially former School Board members and we all know who you are....), and to the San Francisco Chronicle and its' reporter who told me last year that "I didn't know what was going on in School Districts"  (oh, really!) read this report - and weep:

Previously reported upon here:

With those sole-sourced, broken apart contracts listed here, all sole-sourced to Commercial Roofing Management and Garland products bought every year at the $200,000 level over that time period - destroying existing roofs' real warranties:

It's the very tiny tip of an iceberg.....

The good people of Bakersfield and Kern County won't be snookered, if the good reporters there keep doing their jobs .

A number of us across the US and Canada are standing up and saying it - stop destroying all of us for your greed. 

Stand with us.  Contact the Bakersfield press and tell them the truth about what is going on in the scam - and don't let up.

Congratulations to the press in Bakersfield.  You appear to be smart and really doing your jobs!

You are rare!  Don't stop, there is a lot more to come!

Many thanks and kudos from the Roofing Industry should go to John Fox and Clem Williams.  You need to be there to support them in every way you can - if you are as tired of the scammers as I keep hearing.....don't run and leave them in the cold. 

Somebody else can't do it, it has to be all of us concerned or upset over what has been going on for a very long time.

More to come.....

Here is that report, copied in, written by Jorge Barrientos for The Californian:

"Two former veteran Kern High School District maintenance and operations workers have filed a lawsuit against the district alleging they were wrongfully terminated for whistleblowing on corrupt practices, breach of contract, and age and race discrimination, court documents show.

The Californian in June highlighted the allegations and their arguments that they exposed practices involving improper awarding and administration of roofing job contracts. When they blew the whistle, they argue, they were forced out of their jobs.

John Fox and Clem Williams argue in new court documents that they spoke out against "needless wasteful" spending in their department, as well as "kickbacks, bribes and improper gifts" being given to KHSD employees from construction companies.

Workers, they say, were invited to yacht parties by contractors and were given extravagant meals and trips. KHSD supervisors, they argue, did nothing to stop the practices, and instead tried to force the two out when they spoke out.

They also argue, new court documents show, that they were forced out of their jobs based on their age -- Fox is 53 and Williams 63. And in Williams' case, he claims he was discriminated against based on his race.

Employees at North High and Frontier High, where Williams worked, regularly called black students and staff racial slurs, he said.

Reports obtained by The Californian showed the KHSD sought Williams' and Fox's dismissal for being incompetent, dishonest and falsifying information on the job. KHSD and construction officials have denied wrongdoing.

A KHSD spokesman on Tuesday would not comment on the anticipated litigation as officials had not received lawsuit documentation.

A third former worker featured in the June Californian article, David Rich, is in negotiations with KHSD, his attorney said. Williams and Fox are asking for several millions of dollars for lost wages, retirement benefits and emotional distress."

Contact:   Jorge Barrientos, Californian staff

Their June Report is at: