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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Hampshire Judges acting like Colombian Druglords - over the Roofing Scam!!!!

Tea Party People in New Hampshire and across the Country: Listen up.

The issue with the roofing scam and brewing scandal is worse than the Teapot Dome Scandal.

So many people are involved, and it doesn't matter how righteous and good they appear - if involved, to quote investigators, they are as "dirty as sin."

And New Hampshire appears to be rotten to the core.

The letter I am reprinting below is new, and the actions are very recent.

This former roof manufacturer/contractor asked "WHY?" to school officials illegally sole-sourcing Garland Products....and look what crazy stuff they are doing in that state to him, being done by Judges and Officials - all covering up who got what and where the money really went.

That's right, a real Banana Republic, within our borders.

Have they gone completely nuts? They have!!!!

It's worse than the Chicago MOB!

Here's the letter, and believe me, every bit of it is true. You should have seen what went down and is going down in California with folks covering up - hard to do anymore.....

We have a lot of Marie Antoinnettes in this country, nose in the air, that need to be put on their own island, duking it out with each other - and leave the rest of us alone to rebuild our good and stable society, no matter what they try to do.... and completely without interference and their treasonous acts.

I don't care if they are some kind of Judge involved, which is happening in New Hampshire, or whatever. I saw the "best" freeloading off the taxpayer.....getting away with it out here....and I don't think Georgie Washington would be too happy with them. At all. What a disgrace!!!!!

Anyone involved isn't welcome here, and needs to get out of this country immediately - to stop making it third world. That's what the Tea Party is about, ridding ourselves of crooks acting high and mighty, getting themselves into positions of power. They ought not to be there.

So read up, it's a very sad state of affairs in New Hampshire! And DO something!!!!!

Write your senators, congressmen, the papers in New Hampshire, the legislators in New Hampshire, put the pressure on!!!!

Just so you know, Gerard ran for Congress to bring light to the subject and stop their attacks. The first psychiatrist they ordered him to see did not agree with the courts, he found Gerard sane (of course!) and then the psychiatrist dies in a "boating accident". Right. Unnnhhh, Hunnnhhh - mmm, mmm!

Do you believe that? I don't - knowing what has been done to Gerard for taping officials threatening him, some with cutting him up in pieces and taking him out to sea. Just like the School Board President that dropped dead young (that they admitted they killed , and how - on tape. E-v-e-r-y bit of this happened...)

 Yes, yes, yes, he caught all that on tape and more, and then the insane asylum party started with the Judges, each one bowing out till now when they realized how dirty this was.... These creeps no know boundaries, and some of them appear to be in Judges' robes, helping that MOB of thieves in New Hampshire.....thieving the taxpayer dollar out of schools with roofing...... for heavens' sake!!!!!!

Can I say, "THE JACKASSES?!?!?!?"

I just did.

And we need to do a lot more than that.

Do the right thing, New Hampshire - stop persecuting the messenger, and get the mess cleaned up and out!

 Dear Representative ______,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me this afternoon (March 22, 2011).

You hit upon the key as we were parting. It’s the courts.

I don’t have evidence that the courts have the backs of politicians connected to organized crime. I have the proof. They are bragging about it on these tapes. and the courts actions verify their claims. What sane judge would ORDER that a defendant be psychiatrically evaluated for competence to stand trial when she knew he was undefeated in the courts in 19 court cases.

These are multimillion dollar fights against the top law firms in the State of NH, (Shaheen & Gordon and Devine Millimet) the top prosecutors from the US Attorneys Office, the top attorneys from the Merrimack County Attorneys Office and the Hillsborough County Attorneys Office?

This psych eval was ORDERED not long after the Special Prosecutor from the US Attorneys Office assigned to my case told the judge this and right after the same Special Prosecutor said this. Judge Groff saw that the Special Prosecutor was getting wobbly knees so he ORDERED that I be psychiatrically evaluated for competency to stand trial.

Judge Groff then retired and passed his baton of nonsense to Judge Diane Nicolosi. Judge Nicolosi ran with it and took it a step further by ignoring the Special Prosecutor Perkes multiple Defaults and ORDERING that the psych eval be held in secret, with no witnesses allowed, and the video of the evaluation put under court ORDERED seal indefinitely.

Instead of me getting a 19th win, Judge Nicolosi robbed me of that win and installed a politically motivated cloud of mental illness over my head while running for the US Congress. A political gift to Charlie Bass.

And now, because I refused to knuckle under to this clearly illegal ORDER on a court case that I had won 3 times by default in as many months the courts want to revoke my bail and send me to jail until my trial.

This will force me to get another public pretender lawyer that will do nothing while they send me away. I think a special meeting before the judiciary committee and a letter from committee expressing their concerns would go a long way to alleviating these travails of mine.

Thanks again for allowing me to bend your ear. I hope you can fully appreciate the seriousness of what is going on here. I’m not just fighting for my rights here.

I’m fighting for the rights of all NH and American citizens who are being threatened simply for asking the simple question. “Where did the money go?”

If they are allowed to silence me without any repercussions simply for asking that simple question then we have lost control of our government and our other freedoms and way of life in this country will be permanently abrogated. Gerard Beloin For Congress