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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Unions are taking note - in California......

It's always interesting to see "The Scam" from others' viewpoints. 

Recently, a Sheet Metal Union person called and wanted to talk about the scam, for both my take on it and to see if anything affected his members.

It certainly does have an effect on his members. 

"The Scam" manufacturer's employees lock down the work, using a very limited number of "trusted" persons to ensure that the work goes to them. 

Part of that process entails a limited pool of roofing contractors, sometimes known for bidding in a "round robin" fashion. 

The limited pool of roofing contractors allowed into the inner sanctum has their own tight circle of limited subs, such as Sheet Metal subs, which may be required to be "certified" by the manufacturer in question. 

When that happens, apparently the scam manufacturers have been known to deny some well-trained subs not to be certified. Apparently, they must have qualifications beyond that of being competent. 

When you can't get the work, your financial stability is affected - and effectively, you have been blackballed - for being honest and good. And all because governmental officials and employees are somehow and for some reason forcing illegal, sole-sourced specs. 

Sound like the "American Dream"?

Unfortunately, unaccountable Administrators and elected officials in schools and state and federal work, are ignoring the laws, forcing sole-sourced specs - and hurting everyone except the participants.

Yes, it's pretty lousy. 

So to the Union guys concerned for the welfare of the many good craftsmen and women that can't get work due to the scam - you would be doing all your members a great favor - and bring the American Dream alive - to help stop the Scam. Let's hope you will! _____________________________________________ 


The Charts describing how Public Bidding should happen versus what is in the two forms of the scam operating now - and how it affects the subs working for Roofing Contractors. 

1. "How the Public Bidding Process Should Work" 2. "How Roofing Manufacturers Control Public Bidding Processes"
3. "How a Roofing Manufacturer Controlled and Subverted an Educational Purchasing Agents' Association Bid Process"