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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perversion of Justice by Judge William J. Groff, Supervisory Justice of the Hillsborough County Superior Court - Southern District, New Hampshire


A Justice in New Hampshire deems that death threats caught on tape are not admissable in court because the subject of the harassment by local officials is not dead yet. 

  In other words, the roofing manufacturer/contractor who reported Garland's activities to local authorities has to be Exhibit "A" - dead - in order to prove that the taped death threats are real. Imagine!

UPDATE....February 21, 2010..... Three Justices involved in the case have resigned in the past month, young and early - one of them stating, "mixed feelings in the sense that I truly enjoyed serving as a judge".

Those retiring early? Justices Kathleen McGuire, Justice Philip Mangones, and Justice James Barry, Jr.

You can see the Press Releases from the Court here: and


On February 18, 2010, every single one of Gerard Beloin's motions to continue in all of his cases and the expedited scheduling of all of his pending motions to dismiss filed since December 10, 2009 was made by the Court.

The story: I guess the New Hampshire authorities will go to any length to protect their own - as Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco and the others involved on the California Supreme Court level, and at the University of California, did in my case.

Wow! It's not too hard to guess why this Judge is not interested in hearing the truth. He knows it, he's covering up. Bottom line.  

Here's the latest note from the manufacturer - and it's chilling:

Dear All,
I want all of you to listen to my latest release. It is of Judge William J. Groff, Supervisory Justice of the Hillsborough County Superior Court - Southern District, telling me that my allegations have no merit because I am still alive!!! Imagine that!! Following are the transcripts. Keep in mind that he is the SUPERVISORY Justice. He is the one that sets the tone for all of the other lesser judges.
DOCKET # 09-S-0851-0852-0853
GB: Gerard Beloin
JWG: Justice William Groff
GB: What do you do your Honor. What do you do your honor when ah, it's members of organized crime, that's what the recordings are all about, and they even say so. If you want, if you want to humor just for a few seconds. (to play the recordings)
JWG: I don't want to humor you.
GB: Alright. Well. That's what they are saying. They are saying that they are going to send the Italians up through NJ to get rid of people like me. That's what they are saying. And they are bragging about how they killed my partner, Dr. Hieber, who is dead. They go into detail as to how they killed him. They go precisely what kind of poisons they used to kill him. And he died "unexpectedly and mysteriously". And now they are saying that they are going to do the same thing to me. So..........
JWG: If these people they are all powerful They could have done it to you whether you were in prison or not in prison. Whether you were in jail or not in jail. Wherever you are they would have had you signed, sealed and delivered by now.
GB: So what you are saying your Honor that unless I bring my dead body in as EXHIBIT A that you're not going to believe me??? I'm not willing to comply with that.