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Friday, October 23, 2009

Out-RAGE-ous Pricing!

In the San Ramon Valley Schools, Contra Costa County, San Francisco Bay Area, California

At a time when educational budgets - and government budgets - are collapsing all over the US, and with one town in the county in question declaring bankruptcy, the smile-in-your-face-while-we-steal-from-you-blind guys have reached a new high. 

Or should I say, low.

 Just take a look at the pricing given by a widely-known set of relatives working for Garland Roofing in the San Francisco Bay Area, to the local school district for San Ramon Valley Schools (east bay suburbs, east over the mountains from Fremont/Hayward area).

 The Garland Ply Sheets? 43 times the cost of the comparable Johns-Manville product (for example).  

 The Garland Cap Sheets? 21 times the cost of the comparable Johns-Manville product (for example). Click on the picture below to see the pricing. Now that you have seen it, you make your own conclusions.  

For a recap of the Johns Manville costs for the same BUR products (note that the J-M products are sometimes used in lieu of the Garland products on roofs in the SF Bay Area, without lowering the prices and giving the taxpayer the break on their dollar, as in the huge US Postal Service's Distribution Center, for one....):  

J-M Base Sheet: $ 27 for 3 squares  

J-M Ply Sheets: $ 35.63 for 5 squares  

J-M Cap Sheet: $ 21 for 1 square  

Pea Gravel: $10/bag, at 4 bags/1 square  

Trumbull Type 3 Asphalt: $35 for a 100 pound carton

 To recap the letter above, Garland's products compare as follows:  

Garland Ply Sheets: $314 for 1 square  
To compare, for 1 square of J-M, it is $35.63 for 5 squares, or $7.13 per square. Just think if the J-M product is installed instead - a profit of 4,304%.  

Garland Cap Sheet: $332 - that's right - for 3/4 square  
To compare, for 1 square, $442.67, which is 21 times the price of J-M at $21 per 1 square. Just think of that price for a J-M product installed instead - a profit of 2,000%.  

Question: How soon since the last roofing job is this one being redone?

Question: How soon will this roof "need" to be redone?

Question: Was an independent, Registered Roof Consultant and independent testing lab used to test the existing roof?  

Question: Will the Garland roof last 43 times as long as the J-M roof?

Question: Why the Engineering Services fee?  

And last question but not all: Did the Architect or Engineer receive errors and omissions indemnification for specifying Garland?