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Monday, June 29, 2009

Excuses, Excuses: Legal "Rationale" Tremco Uses to Annihilate the Competition

The most blatant statement yet regarding Tremco's intent to annihilate competition is clearly laid out in a memo that concludes how to use "...solicitation provisions so restrictive as to result in a de facto sole source procurement." 

It is certainly the attitude seen and shown in their In-house training documents in 1991. Never ending.... But this memo is from 2004 - and we hear even today that Tremco tells people that they no longer use the same tactics as outlined in their 1991 document. 


The memo defines how to use a Patent in combination with "...Government minimum needs" which allows the desired sole-sourcing to take place. 

Let's see, the patent is for what? (pending at the time of the memo) Was that for a Tremco Performance Warranty that does what?

Let's hear that again.

Patenting an idea that is basically a scam (defined as such by the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation)? Wow! 

 And then it seems that they try to circumvent the law even further by patenting a "Facilities Performance Warranty"? 

 Who's kidding who??? 

 So here is the Memo - this is legal beauty based on a scam!: