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  • Quality Tile Roofing vs. Tremco Roofing, Re: False Fraud Charges leveled at Tremco Certified Contractor for not bidding Tremco products at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Boise, Idaho, About 1997

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Corruption Matters

For those of you wondering how Marxist Ideals have now and will drastically affect your future, here is how it has happened:

 Public officials get to feeling they are above the law, and stick their hand into the Public Till. Addiction to that ready pot o' gold sets in - and wa la! They are beholden to whomever will get them that gold!

Nothing is free....and just like the laws of chemistry, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...or the universe would fly apart.

So, consider:
Say you are trying to conduct your business - in your case, roofing consulting, sales or contracting - and you just can't seem to beat a "blank wall" of denial to even consider other products or competitive bidding - supposedly required by law to protect the overburdened taxpayers.

And say, like one major manufacturer's rep found in Santa Monica, CA less than ten years ago, he observed two of their school district officials driving Mercedes, got curious, he checked their records (somehow!) and found that they were leased by one of the three manufacturers named in the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Report - allegedly. Sweet!

But he couldn't get anyone here in California to investigate.

Another - a roofing manufacturer - told me that a school district person in the Central Valley in California allegedly received a $20,000 boat for illegally sole-sourcing products produced by one of the three manufacturers named in the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Report.

What can you do about it?

Well first, if you don't, you get what you deserve in politicians, laws, complicit judges...and the whole system goes down the tube. Unchecked corruption is the outward sign of a spiral downward into hopelessness...and dependency, not healthy independence that spawned the great ideas and businesses that built the US.

Well, then, if you care about this country and if it has any future at all....please report what you know to the authorities.

Without doing so, you are part of the cog in the wheel that has brought us to the point of losing our freedoms and ability to make a decent living or more.

I have included below information for you off the FBI website - so you don't have to get on the site and expose your information until you want to.

Where to report kickbacks you have been told by the person they are getting or you saw them get:

Report Corruption
 Please contact us if you come across evidence of public corruption activities: Pointer Arrow Submit an Online Tip (go to and click their link) Pointer Arrow Call our Local Corruption Hotlines
  • Birmingham, AL: (877) 628-2533
  • Cincinnati, OH: (614) 744-2139
  • Columbia, SC: (803) 551-4200
  • Knoxville, TN: (888) 678-6720
  • Little Rock, AR: (501) 221-8200
  • New York, NY: (877) 363-4723
  • Puerto Rico: (877) FBI-SJPR
  • Richmond, VA: (804) 627-4597
  • Salt Lake City, UT: (866) 50-BRIBE
  • San Diego: (877) NO-BRIBE
  • San Francisco: (800) 376-5991
  • Springfield, IL: (877) U-TIP-OFF
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: (340) 774-9296
And here is what the FBI Website states regarding specifically Corruption in Schools:

LESSONS IN CRIME? Why Protecting Schools Matters

It’s that time of year…when kids and families are gearing up for the coming school year. We’re gearing up, too, to help keep corruption out of the public school system.
That’s the FBI’s job? Yes, if the individuals involved are government employees, it falls squarely within our public corruption mandate.
Of course, the overwhelming majority of school teachers and administrators are fully and admirably devoted to their students. But even schools and universities are not free of graft and dishonesty…and it does nothing less than put the quality of our country’s education at risk. Corruption robs school budgets of millions of essential dollars…causes students to get inferior books, supplies, and facilities…and perhaps most importantly, sends the wrong message to our nation’s youth.
Here are some examples of cases we’ve worked with our partners in recent weeks and months:
  • On Tuesday, a Maryland man was indicted for allegedly buying $1 million in educational software while head of Prince George’s County schools. Why is that a crime? Because, according to the charges, his live-in girlfriend worked for the software company, and the pair split a $20,000 commission on the sale. He is also charged with steering a consulting contract to a former employee in exchange for more than $100,000 in kickbacks.
  • While state superintendent of Georgia schools, Linda Schrenko helped steal more than half-a-million dollars by fraudulently writing checks to a fellow conspirator. The money was supposed to pay for computer licenses and services for the Georgia and Atlanta Area Schools for the Deaf and the Governor's Honors Program. Instead, most of it went straight into Schrenko’s pockets: to help fund her ultimately failed campaign for governor and even to pay for her facelift surgery. On July 12, Schrenko was sentenced to eight years in prison for her crimes. (NOTE: this blogger was a Governor's Honors Student in Art in 1969, one year before the age most were chosen, a high honor....only 25 in the state in each subject in high school every year were chosen for the live-in summer program. This latest revelation is sickening to this blogger, knowing how great and expansive that program is for the best and brightest.)
  • On June 15, a Maryland elementary school principal named Diane McFarland was convicted of embezzling some $18,000 that was supposed to pay for reading materials for her students and to reimburse teachers for training expenses.
  • On April 3, Lorelle Dance, ex-business manager for D.C. public schools, pled guilty to taking nearly $40,000 in bribes from a contractor—including monthly mortgage payments on her house—in return for preferential treatment in obtaining work at several elementary schools.
  • Brothers David and Guadalupe Vasquez, one the former superintendent of the Santa Rosa Independent School District and the other a former school board president, were convicted of corruption following an FBI sting. The brothers agreed to rig a contract for school bus tires…for a price—four car tires worth all of $500.
  • Carl Coleman, a former risk manager for the New Orleans Public Schools, pled guilty to accepting some $300,000 in kickbacks in exchange for giving contractors favorable treatment on “emergency bid” work. Following this case, the New Orleans Police Department, U.S. Department of Education, FBI, and others created a working group to review and investigate alleged criminal violations in the New Orleans Public Schools. So far, the group’s work has led to over 25 convictions.
We’re doing our part to protect the integrity of the nation’s school systems. Please do your part, too. Help us stop fraud, waste, and corruption in schools and throughout government by submitting tips through our Report Corruption website…or by calling your local FBI office.
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