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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Best "Merry Christmas" Gift Ever! - Tremco now forcing a jury trial over it!

For those of you who don't know, I have been tracking the scam since 1991, when bosses at a new job at the University of California, San Francisco in their huge facilities department insisted I use a Tremco Rep's "specs", calling him a "roof consultant."

It turned out the long road I experienced in uncovering and reporting the scam was just like what Doug Wicks experienced in New Jersey, the roof consultant who got the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation Report done, citing activities of Tremco, Garland and WP Hickman ("Waste and Abuse in School Roofing" started in 1999, released Sept. 2000). Doug started complaining about it in 1991.

For the New Jersey Report, look here:

And our experiences were just as long and torturous as Gerard Beloin, roofing manufacturer and contractor in New Hampshire, who has received numerous, serious MOB-like death threats from local officials for standing up to the Garland - openly, after many years of watching the scam go on unabated in their school districts since the 1980's.

For what has been happening with Gerard, look here:

It's a long haul without a lot of help, and fearful reps in and out the door helping.....wanting to do something but afraid for themselves and their families, leaving a very heavy burden on a few.

So to my surprise, right before Christmas of 2004, I got an incredible "Merry Christmas" gift - from the best of you out there. You know who you are!

It was a copy of a housewife and a Grandmother!!! - for God's sake - A HOUSEWIFE'S!!!! Taxpayer Advocate Group's PRESS RELEASE in which she had done a lot of homework and caught on to the scam, partially due to a local school administration employee who had seen "something going on" with their local School Administrator and Tremco.....and Diana's research on the internet.


What happened:

Tremco sued Diana for writing a newsletter wherein she largely quoted from other sources. Tremco never specified which statements in the newsletter were libelous, which is a legal requirement when suing someone for libel. There was one minor mistake in the newsletter and that was the reference that Janet Campbell worked for Tremco. The higher courts have ruled that mistakes do not constitute libel. It's obvious from reading TUFF's press release/news letter that Tremco was not libeled. This is nothing but harassment against a citizen/taxpayer for speaking out about a public interest issue. Diana and her lawyers still don't know how she "libeled" them, because Tremco never specified which words in the document were defamatory.

For Diana's Press Release (November 21, 2005), look here:

For your information:
I would never under any circumstances want to work for Tremco - although someone tried mightily to dirty my hands through architects in the San Francisco area during my case - using architects who probably needed the school or public work at all costs. (It's called "Clean Hands").

As I stated in an affidavit filed in her court case, de facto I WAS a "forced" employee of Tremco's - doing their bidding at the behest of my involved boss, and over my (loud) verbal and written protests.

For the affidavit I produced for Diana's case, look here:

Because of the incredible help extended to me by so many, really great stand-up kind of men in the roofing industry, I contacted Diana asap over the holidays after first receiving her Press Release, and her contacts grew immensely as a result...and so did those helping her.

We all know what she is up against - bought-off or "involved" officials in probably all three branches of government. Diana has just uncovered documents that prove that Tremco is involved in at least two branches of government cover-ups in Indiana.

For what Diana has just uncovered, some of it, look here:

Diana Vice needs all of our help. If you can help her for upcoming Jury Trial, with information, with dollars - please help her.

Don't you think a Jury trial might finally get the exposure of the scam needed?

It'll be a donnybrook, that is for sure, with what she has uncovered.

And the fannies "hanging out"- exposed - couldn't hurt anyone but the specific perpetrators and those involved!

Thank you! ____________________________________
None of us can afford to have Diana silenced. She has valiantly stood alone throughout this two year ordeal, and we need to come to her aid by providing financial resources to help in her pursuit for justice. I realize that many of you may wish to remain anonymous due to business interests; therefore, a money order would be an appropriate way to give.  

Donations can be sent to: Diana Vice Legal Defense Fund P. O. Box 4 Lafayette, Indiana 47902