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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on Carlisle-Syntec vs. Tremco - in Carlisle, PA

So what's happened in the previously-reported Carlisle-Syntec vs. Tremco saga - in Carlisle, PA? 
Located here: 

A lot. 

Mr. Nick Shears, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Carlisle Construction Materials, wrote a letter to Mr. Jack Wagner, Pennsylvania's Auditor General, in response to Mr. Wagner's "As I See It" column in "The Patriot News" entitled "Competition lacking in state contracts".  

Mr. Wagner, the Pennsylvania Auditor General, had stated: "Innovation is the growth engine of capitalism, and it's why the United States has one of the highest standards of living in the world." then: "Innovation, in turn, leads to new jobs and new industries." 

"Innovation and competition also lead to lower prices." 

"Competition is the American way." 

"A competitive and open bidding process must ensure that all interested companies are afforded the opportunity to bid for state contracts." 

and finally: "Competition is good. It spurs innovation, creates more jobs and saves state taxpayer dollars." 

And this author's note: Competition adds more dollars back into the kitty for actually educating - and spurring on more innovation as a result. 

Mr. Wagner has "got it". If competition is "perverted" in any way, the entities and those who help them do so have helped to destroy our present and our future. And right now, that is dear - in this economy. 

All these Lock-Specs do is ensure bond financiers and Wall Street Financiers of continuing to siphon off profits built on quick-sand.  Such as Goldman Sachs et. al.

Do we want to be financing a lot of nothing for a lot of fatcats who don't know how to work, destroying families and careers of those who have ethics and care about their neighbors and their kids' futures - you know, those who keep demonstrating how little they could care about any of us?

Companies like Tremco and Garland service the monopolists at all our expense.

They have made war on us.

And I am not a leftist at all, saying this - far from it.

I see reality - and the rest of us need to as well, because we have been done in by these massive thieves.....

So to those who play with "Lock-specs" - you are destroying capitalism - and all our futures. 

Editorial is reprinted below and at: (A recent Wall Street Journal article showing extreme cuts in education - and our futures as a result - is also shown below.) 

Mr. Shears, the Carlisle Construction Materials Vice President, Sales and Marketing, responded to Mr. Jack

e tax increases; and because there is no accountability at the school board or decision-making level, the problem continues. It is especially bad in Pennsylvania, where school districts spent $30 million on roofing products through the AEPA in 2008, the highest amount in the country

The AEPA program is extremely secretive, so it is difficult to estimate how much of the $30 million could hav he AEPA purchasing program. Not only does it result in higher prices and taxes, but it also stifles the economic growth of companies like Carlisle Syntec that adhere to state bidding requirements and seek to provide its customers with proven products at fair market prices." [Note: We are aware that Tremco had an employee on the AEPA that ensured their selection as the "roofing product" to purchase.] Good for Carlisle Syntec! For more information on what happened, and more clearly defined issues with the AEPA "Model", please see this article - "Taxpayers Angered Over School District's Failure to Competitively Bid Roofing Projects", located directly below:
Mr. Jack Wagner, Pennsylvania Auditor General's, Op-Ed piece: Mr. Nick Shears, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Carlisle Construction Materials, response to Mr. Jack Wagner's Op-Ed piece: Wall Street Journal article on School activity funding decreases from Oct. 28, 2009: Link is For Further Reading, please see: Midwest Roofing Contractor's Association (MRCA) Article of , entitled "Carlisle SynTec employees sue CV over roofing contracts ", at: and in The Sentinel Online, June 19, 2009, entitled "Carlisle SynTec employees sue CV over roofing contracts", at: